Our goal is to help you choose something that is suitable to a healthy lifestyle so if you aren’t sure what your best option is, stop by the studio or email us at and we will be happy to help. For more options, please visit our online store or see our price list below. Please take a moment to review our studio Policies and Guidelines before making a purchase.


Your first two classes are only 20$!
you must use this pass on the next 7 days after the payment has been made

 Get unlimited access to all our regularly scheduled classes for 30 consecutive days for only $80.
Our intro month is perfect for those who want to discover our studio and all we have to offer!
Limit of one per person.

Are you practicing more than twice per week?
Try our annual memberships!


This monthly membership with a value of 99$ gives you unlimited access to all weekday classes before 12PM, and our 8:30AM weekend class!


This monthly membership gives you unlimited access to all regularly scheduled classes, as well as mat & towel rental for 139$!


This monthly membership gives you unlimited access to all regularly scheduled classes for 129$!


This monthly membership gives couples that live together unlimited access to all regularly scheduled classes for 119$ per person!

Class and Class Packages


This 160$ option gives you 1 month of unlimited access to all regularly scheduled classes without any long-term commitment!


Our class cards are perfect for those who are on the go! They expire after 12 months so enjoy them at your own pace.

  • 1 class=25$
  • 5 classes =115$ (23$ per class)
  • 10 classes = 210$(21$ per class)
  • 20 classes =380$ (19$ per class)

Trade for Yoga

Asha Yoga ambassador Program

To learn more about our free yoga program send us an email
with your information and availabilities to

You are expected to:

Above all else, we want you to be rewarded and compensated for your contribution to the Asha Yoga Ambassador program, so participate in as many classes as possible!

Like a 5-star hotel, we pride ourselves on the cleanliness of the studio. Your tasks include a wide range of cleaning duties such as laundry, collecting of mats, mopping and vacuuming, etc. A detailed list of all tasks will be available to you.

We ask that you commit to the same shift on the same day and time once a week for a minimum of 3 months.

You are responsible for your shifts each week. If you cannot make a shift, it is up to you to get that shift covered with a fellow Energy Exchanger. Please limit your shift changes to once a month. We require a minimum 24-hour notice for all shift cancellations so that we may find an alternate solution.

It is important that you begin your shift on time. If you are late, you are expected to make up the missed time at the end of your shift.

Reduce all waste, reuse and recycle whenever possible.

No cell phones are permitted during your shift. It is not appropriate to be checking texts, voicemail or email.

You represent the studio and we want to be proud of our team. You are expected to bring a friendly and positive attitude to each shift, and to help us foster a sense of community.

Trustworthiness, honesty and reliability are expected. We have a zero-tolerance policy for theft. Theft will result in an immediate ban from the studio. Please address all immediate concerns to Nancy Lépine – Trade Manager, or Stefanie Hamelin – Studio Manager.

…and welcome to the family!

Interested? Email us at or click on the following link to fill out your application


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