Is Yoga for you?

Whether you are simply curious about yoga or already a dedicated practitioner, if you are interested in improving your fitness, making your health and well-being a priority and enhancing your quality of life, Asha Yoga is for you. We are an independent yoga studio committed to enriching people’s lives through the practice of yoga. You definitely don’t have to be active or already flexible to start!

What we offer

We offer a variety of styles in heated and non-heated yoga for all levels of experience. Practicing in our pleasantly heated space helps to heal and detoxify  the body while allowing you to realign, strengthen and safely stretch. We invite you to try your first two classes (within a seven-day period) on us: our “Foundations” practice is the perfect place to begin.

Why Asha

Beyond becoming stronger, more toned and more flexible, the practice we offer can greatly improve your overall health and quality of life, helping to manage stress and alleviate anxiety. A regular yoga practice at Asha will improve your well-being and help you feel amazing in your body every time you come to your mat.

Gain a yoga practice and at the same time a warm, welcoming and vibrant community, which in-turn increases your motivation and happiness.

New to Asha Yoga ?



  • Sophrology Monday nights from September 9 to October 28 From 6:30 p.m. to 7:45 p.m.

    What is sophrology:

    Sophrology is a dynamic relaxation technique. It serves to find a harmony between your physical self (body) and your psychic self (spirit). The sophrologist accompanies you in a relaxation close to sleep through exercises

    based on breathing.

    Sophrology can help to improve different aspects of our life, and can help cope with stress, phobias and various disorders (sleep, food, addictions, concentration) as well as improve overall self-confidence.

    Sophrology can also aid in preparing for childbirth or achieving such long-term goals as an exam or competition.

    The goal of sophrology:

    The goal of sophrology is to help you move forward serenely in your life. Practicing sophrology gives you the tools to deal with what keeps you from moving forward or to being at peace with yourself. Techniques learned during sessions are useful in daily life: at home, in transit, and even at work. During the group sessions the objectives will be:

    – strengthen self-confidence

    – fill up with positivity

    – remove mental and physical tensions

    – become aware of your body

    – learn to manage stress

    – to relax

    and much more !


    Monday nights from September 9 to October 28

    From 6:30 p.m. to 7:45 p.m.


    $160 for the series of 8 classes

  • Handstand getaway weekend FROM SEPTEMBER 27 TO 29 2019

    Do you miss nature? Are you curious about arm balances? Does being upside down scare you? This “handstand get-away” weekend is for you!

    Come find tools to strengthen your physical and mental body to give you confidence to safely explore arm balancing with Maude and Guillermo.


    • 3 yoga practices
    • Specialized workshop (Handstand, FRC)
    • Vegan meals
    • Accommodation
    • Hiking

    FROM SEPTEMBER 27 TO 29 2019





    MAUDE +1514.664.9642 or

    GUILLERMO 514.258.3341


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