Alyssa Marsillo is a Naturotherapist and Wellness Coach who specializes in yoga, meditation, and energetic therapies.

She is driven and passionate about bringing balance to the body by activating the inner pharmacy & bring about its natural healing properties. Since 2013, Alyssa has been studying profoundly to harness the knowledge to help others achieve their health and live in balance.

She has been in the holistic workforce since first graduating in 2013 and has since accumulated over a 1000 hours of study through the studies of yoga & natural healing modalities. She continues to learn through her own healing journey and helping those along theirs as well.

Some of her studies include:

  • Over 500 hours of yoga teacher training (hatha, prenatal, yin, and therapeutic more specifically)
  • Master Reiki (chakra balance & general wellbeing)
  • Wellness/Holistic Coaching
  • Meditation

For more information or to book with Alyssa directly, you can reach her at 514-813-3120.