In love with life, I have always loved movement in all its forms. Curious and creative by nature, I am always looking for new adventures and experiences in order to blossom and live my life to the fullest! After exploring circus, dance and climbing, I finally found my passion: yoga. A practice that allowed me to find a mental, physical and emotional balance. A place where I could travel and discover within my own body. An infinite journey!

So I started my training and flew to Nicaragua for 6 months to teach. This year of change made me discover my path: sharing. I explored Thai massage, aerial yoga and SUP yoga. Trained by Suzanne Landry, I am certified in Reiki Usui level 1 and Reiki Ma’heo’o and continue my energy training. Today, I am happy to offer yoga retreats with Boharetreat. I hope to help the community in their path of transformation and introspection. Co-creating, laughing and learning every day is what makes me happy. What about you?