Is Yoga for you?

Whether you are simply curious about yoga or already a dedicated practitioner, if you are interested in improving your fitness, making your health and well-being a priority and enhancing your quality of life, Asha Yoga is for you. We are an independent yoga studio committed to enriching people’s lives through the practice of yoga. You definitely don’t have to be active or already flexible to start!

What we offer

We offer a variety of styles in heated and non-heated yoga for all levels of experience. Practicing in our pleasantly heated space helps to heal and detoxify  the body while allowing you to realign, strengthen and safely stretch. We invite you to try your first two classes (within a seven-day period) on us: our “Foundations” practice is the perfect place to begin.

Why Asha

Beyond becoming stronger, more toned and more flexible, the practice we offer can greatly improve your overall health and quality of life, helping to manage stress and alleviate anxiety. A regular yoga practice at Asha will improve your well-being and help you feel amazing in your body every time you come to your mat.

Gain a yoga practice and at the same time a warm, welcoming and vibrant community, which in-turn increases your motivation and happiness.

New to Asha Yoga ?



  • Workshop | Breathing Exercises Saturday June 1st from 12:30PM to 2:30PM

    Workshop | Breathing Exercises

    Join Genevieve for a 2-hour workshop and discover 7 breathing exercises that you can do anywhere, anytime!

    Familiarize yourself with different approaches that will help calm your nervous system, bring focus, stimulate heat, cleanse your body and energize you. In this workshop, you will explore the following types of breathing exercises and their benefits:

    • Lions breath
    • Breath of fire
    • Skull cleanser
    • Three-part breath
    • Alternate nostril breathing
    • Belly breathing
    • Ujjayi breath

    This workshop is open to all levels! Please refrain from eating one hour prior.


    Saturday June 1st from 12:30PM to 2:30PM


    Regular 25$/Student 22$/Member 20$

    Space is limited therefore payment must be made in full upon reservation. No refunds will be issued. All prices are subject to applicable taxes.

  • Flow yin + live music Saturday June 19th from 6:00PM to 7:15PM

    Join us for a Flow Yin practice, accompanied by the beautiful voice of Jyoti Ra. Stimulate your senses and give yourself the opportunity to disconnect from the outside world in a nurturing, beautiful and healthy environment.


    Wednesday June 19th 6:00pm-7:15pm

    Limited space available so be sure to reserve your spot today! Regular prices apply.

  • Yin + Piano Friday, June 21st from 7PM to 8:30PM

    Join Guillermo and Rebecca for a memorable and unique class, just in time to welcome the summer solstice!

    Come celebrate the beginning of summer in a relaxing atmosphere and experience your Yin practice accompanied with piano.


    Friday, June 21st from 7PM to 8:30PM

    How much?

    25$ per person

    Space is limited therefore payment must be made in full upon reservation. No refunds will be issued. All prices are subject to applicable taxes.


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