We are an independent yoga studio committed to enriching people’s lives through the practice of yoga. We offer a variety of styles in heated and non-heated yoga for all levels of experience.


We strive to create a welcoming environment for everyone. A space for healing and learning, a space free of judgement where you can calm the fluctuations of the mind, learn how to let go, and create flexibility in the body and spirit.


We are passionate about cultivating health and vitality in the physical body and believe in the transformative potential of our practice. We believe that through a committed yoga practice, we can cultivate a depth inside ourselves that offers true growth both on and off the mat.

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  • 5 years! Saturday January 19th

    Our 5-year anniversary is coming up and we want to celebrate it with YOU!
    It has been an exciting journey and we are so grateful to provide a space where we can all share in this beautiful practice. We are so grateful for your presence and commitment to this community. Come and celebrate with us on Saturday, January 19th for 5$ classes all day long! Everyone who comes to practice will be entered in a raffle for a chance to win FREE YOGA.
    We will be hosting a PARTY on Saturday, January 19th as of 6:30 p.m. Food, drinks (and great vibes) will be provided so be sure to invite your friends and family!
    Need a reminder for the big day? We got you covered! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for all the details (and more)!

  • 21 day challenge January 10th-31st

    It takes 21 days to CREATE a HABIT
    With the holidays behind us there’s no better time to recommit to your practice, or simply start a healthy new habit.
    Challenge yourself to get back on your mat for 21 days straight by removing obstacles and keeping it simple.
    If you’re already member, or if you just bought your intro month, you can participate in this challenge for free! Not a member? This challenge is available for only $79 (that’s $3.76 a day) so be sure to sign up today!

  • Flow/yin with live music Wednesday, January 16th from 6:00pm to 7:15pm

    Join us for a Flow Yin practice, accompanied by the beautiful voice of Jyoti Ra. Stimulate your senses and give yourself the opportunity to disconnect from the outside world in a nurturing, beautiful and healthy environment.
    Limited space available so be sure to reserve your spot today! Regular prices apply.

  • Introduction to Yoga | 6 weeks Every Saturday from 2PM to 4PM

    This introduction to yoga class is specifically designed for those who have little to no experience in yoga. Come discover this wonderful practice in a slower paced, informative class. During this 6-week session, students will discover and explore basic yoga techniques while being guided by an attentive teacher in a non-heated space. The techniques we will focus on include the following:

    Week 1 | The ancient wheel (The 8 limbs of Yoga), Pranayama, Drishti, cat/cow and standing postures
    Week 2 | Forward bends and seated postures
    Week 3 | Backbends and twists
    Week 4 | Basic Anatomy (pelvis and pelvis floor) and hip openers
    Week 5 | Basic Anatomy (Nervous system), Namaskar (Chandra, Surya A & Surya B)
    Week 6 | Arm balancing postures and Restorative Yoga

    6-week session | January 26th to March 2nd

    $125 per person. Mat rental included for each class.

    You must be at least 16 years of age to participate. Space is limited therefore payment must be made in full upon reservation. Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a water bottle, journal and pen. No refunds will be issued. All prices are subject to applicable taxes.

  • About the back Sunday, February 24 from 1:30PM to 3:30PM

    Join Véronique Pierre for a 2-hour workshop all about the back! Release your tensions and rediscover your flexibility and mobility in this body-mind-spirit approach.

    In this workshop, you will become familiar with the following:
    – Understanding the interaction between your back and other body parts
    – Learning different breathing techniques to encourage your body to release tension
    – Choosing postures and movements that are best suited for you based on your personal needs, so that you can develop a personalized practice at home

    Sunday, February 24 from 1:30PM to 3:30PM

    $25 per person

    Certified as a yoga instructor since 2013 and with more than 17 years of teaching experiences in the sport world, Veronique has been practicing yoga for a little over 20 years. She distinguishes herself by her pedagogical and creative skills and possess a personalized approach for her clients. “It is not a question of imposing a technique but to work from the body in front of me and to train it slowly to mold itself according to its composition”.

    Space is limited therefore payment must be made in full upon reservation. No refunds will be issued. All prices are subject to applicable taxes.

  • Foundations. Movement. Space. Sunday, March 3 from 2PM to 5PM

    Join Stéphanie Tremblay and Guillermo Genovez for a varied and thorough yoga practice. Let them guide you through two short meditations and three types of postural practices that completely complement each other!

    After the first meditation, there will be a Foundation practice that will set you up in your body. Once the base is integrated, Stéphanie will guide you through a well-orchestrated Flow practice: a dance with breath. Once the body is light and relaxed, we will create even more space through a Yin practice to conclude the Asana part of the workshop. Finally, the second meditation will close and seal the three practices together, making it a most beneficial and rewarding set. Expect both a physical and mental challenge, a diverse but beautifully balanced practice.

    Sunday, March 3 from 2PM to 5PM

    35$ per person

    Space is limited therefore payment must be made in full upon reservation. No refunds will be issued. All prices are subject to applicable taxes.


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